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I grew up among flowers and trees at a family-owned tree nursery, founded in 1906 by my great-grandparents. Now in the hands of my brother Oskar in Graz, Austria, our business continues to thrive. My other brother Konrad designs and builds swimming ponds.  As you can see green fingers run in the family!
I studied horticulture at Weihenstephan, a well-known university in Germany. Afterwards, I served as a horticultural consultant to the Styrian (State in Austria) government. In 2000, a move to Oxford, UK, made a postgraduate diploma in Residential Landscape Design at Oxford Brookes University possible, after which I began work as a landscape and garden designer. Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) became my new home in 2003 where I had the possebility to design some wonderful gardens. Since returning to Graz in 2006  I have continued to design gardens and landscaped all over Austria and I hope to have the opportunity to create joy and peace in your garden too.

Gudrun Ecker-Eckhofen
Gudrun on a tree plateau designed by her
Gudrun in "action"
Sardinien Kapo Testa  nature als art